Terracotta Warriors

As usual the posts are dribbling out at an inconsistent and slow rate, but I feel this one has to get posted before I forget the whole experience. While the warriors were impressive, it was the fight and struggle against the crowds that made us feel like we had to really work to see them. As all of China had the days off during our week in China the crowds were everywhere and nowhere more noticeable than at the Terracotta warriors. We had to push and wiggle our way to the railing to see the warriors and then brace ourselves with elbows out to get a picture that didn’t end up blurry. The pushing and shoving came from all directions, back, front, underneath (old ladies and kids), you had to be on your game.
While the whole experience was not what he had planned it was still worth the trip to go. The sheer size of the pits that they have uncovered is amazing, on top of that knowing that there are still other pits that haven’t been uncovered and a whole mountain built with the impressive tomb underneath it as well puts you in a state of awe until someone elbows you in the back.
Shoving aside the realization that all of this was made so long ago and with such technology that makes you wonder not only how they did it, but what kind of power the emperor wielded over his subjects. Enjoy the pictures and I’ll try to post more regularly but don’t hold your breath.
Mingling with the soldiers.

The soldiers are made from clay and high fired.

Horses in one of the pits.

An idea of how big the warehouse is.

Caitlin posing, what you can’t see is that she is boxing out about 8 people to get this picture.

More soldiers in formation, their uniforms are different enough to identify their rank.

More of the soldiers in the columns.

Can’t remember if Dave was posing or getting shoved over the railing.

Caitlin and I in front of the warriors.

Close up of one of the soldiers, they used to be painted. I can only imagine how cool they looked when they first closed up the tomb.

More warriors

And still more warriors
Had enough warriors?


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