Great Wall of China

While in China we couldn’t miss out on the chance to visit the Great Wall of China. Mr Lei our guide took us to a less touristy area that allowed us to walk the wall at our own pace and to enjoy it without a ton of other tourists. This section of the wall is supposedly intact and hasn’t been redone. Either way we really enjoyed it and the weather was absolutely perfect. There really isn’t anything I could write here that you couldn’t find on the internet. So enjoy the pictures.
Bill hiking up the wall. One of these days we are going to go somewhere with the O’Neals that doesn’t require hiking poles.

On the Wall.

Looking out one of the guardhouse windows.

Going up the wall.

At the top of the remains of one of the guard houses.

Looking at the meandering wall.

All the guardhouses in one direction. They were positioned to be two arrow shots apart.

Gail enjoying the wall.

Group shot.

Caitlin posing like its no big deal to be on the Great Wall of China.

Mark and I posing for a picture to freak out mothers.

The wall was pretty steep so we played with the horizon of the shot. 
A guy painting the wall from the wall.

Apparently the Mongolians got Gail when we weren’t looking.

Looking out along the wall.

Yay! The Great Wall of China! Now Caitlin is acting like it isn’t an everyday thing.


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