After two days in Agra, we hopped on another train and made our way to Jaipur. Known as the pink city, Jaipur has an old city center area where the buildings are primarily pink! It also (like pretty much every city we visited) has a massive fort just outside of it.
Jaipur was still dang hot, but felt a bit more “relaxed” compared to Agra and Delhi.  We spent the first day cramming in all sorts of sights which was good because the chicken I had for dinner the first night put me completely out of commission for our second day in town.  Luckily, we had stocked up on hardcore antibiotics before leaving Korea and I was feeling better in time for our overnight train to Udaipur.
Our first stop was the Jantar Mantar, a complex of astronomical instruments built by a maharaja back in the day.  Alex got the audio guide, while I just randomly took pictures. 🙂
The Palace of the Winds…with our tuk tuk in front of it.

Architecture in Jaipur
The Amber Fort was by far the most impressive sight in Jaipur. 
3 Forts in a row sit atop this hill on the outskirts of Jaipur. With elaborate walls, decorations, rooms, water pumping systems, etc. they are truly impressive.
The view from the Amber Fort looking toward Jaigarh Fort.
We sat under this tree for awhile…which led to several different photo sessions.
Alex in front of the gardens
Pretty architecture
Charmin’ snakes
A view out over the valley from the Amber Fort.

Amber Fort
We got to all these different sights in and around Jaipur by autorickshaw (aka tuk tuk) which is a fun way to travel and provides a nice breeze!
I heart rickshaws

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