Fatehpur Sikri

Upon arriving in Agra we headed first to Fatehpur Sikri as we had read it was an impressive mosque and palace. It did not cease to disappoint and it was a lot less crowded than the Taj Mahal which made it enjoyable to walk around. It was a day trip from Agra and well worth the time. It offered some excellent pictures and awesome architecture. We got asked for a few pictures here as well but not nearly as many as at the red fort. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for me.

Entryway to the mosque.

Walking down one of the corridors.
Some of the tombs looking out.

Another view of the entryway.
People hanging out conversing.

One of the many ornate doorways.
People during prayer, while others are napping.

The entryway to the palace.

Caitlin in one of the courtyards of the palace.
Another view of the palace with the fountains.

Looking into one of the courtyards. 
One of the small palaces.

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