Part II of the 1st day in Delhi

The second part of the day was just as packed as the first part. The second part started with a visit to Lodi park where there was a tomb to visit. While we thought the park was nice and the tomb was pretty to visit the following site blew it out of the water. Humayun’s Tomb(A Mughal emperor) was far more impressive and more beautiful in its architecture. A lot of the tombs  we visited were ornate on the outside with a very simple inside. I don’t know if this had been the intention or if they had lost some of the decoration over time. It was at about this point that we hit a wall with the heat and lack of sleep and felt that we needed a break so we hit up lunch. For lunch we had Palak Paneer (Spinach with cheese) an Dum aloo (Potatoes in curry). While having lunch a family came in speaking Spanish, I had to double check that I wasn’t hearing voices due to a heat stroke but Caitlin confirmed what I heard. We started to talk to them and to our surprise they are from Quito (for our Quito readers they live on Orellana and Amazonas) talk about a small world. Lunch was the perfect length, it was just enough time for the AC to dry my sweat drenched shirt, hat, shorts and let me get started on sweating through them again.
From lunch we headed to Qutub Minar and got to see a the largest minaret in India. The minaret along with the ruins around it were pretty and full of people site seeing. This was our first taste of being photographed by other tourists. These tourists could be grouped into three types. Type one would come up to ask to take your picture with them. Frequently it was unclear if they wanted my picture, Caitlin’s both of ours and if it was to be with their husband/wife/baby. Then there was type 2 who would just saddle up during these photo requests. They wouldn’t necessarily ask or know the other group but they would have no problem getting into the picture. The last type was the creepers, they would ask to take your picture, rather they would just take our picture as we were walking around and would go as far as follow us to try to take a picture with their phone. I can’t imagine any of these turned out all that well. Nor can I figure out what you would do with one of these pictures, if you ever come across a picture of Caitlin and I in India please let me know, cause the curiosity is killing me. Thankfully Korea prepared us for this frequent request for pictures so we went with it and played the role of movie stars as Caitlin referred to us, I felt more like a Disney character. Our following stop was the Lotus Temple. As we walked up to it, we once again were asked to take off our shoes in order to enter, however the heat of the stones and the length of the line told me that if we waited much lounger without shoes I would be walking on blisters for the rest of the day. From the lotus temple we headed to the India gate. The gate reminded me a bit of the Arch d’ Triumph with just as many people around it. Both of these stops were pretty quick and uneventful, just a couple requests at each for our pictures and we were out.
From the India gate we headed to our last two sites Jama Masjid a mosque and the Red Fort. Both of these are located in Old Delhi. I had always wondered were it was, apparently this is were. These area of Delhi was far busier with a ton of vendors on the streets. The Mosque was quiet impressive and had a ton of people in it. Once again I was pretty sure I was going to scald my feet as we walked around barefoot. I tried to be as respectful as possible but there were a few times when I had to scurry/run in order to find a cool enough stone to stand on. I really understood the reason for using white marble in the first temple. Delhi started the trip off at a fast pace that we couldn’t nor wanted to maintain, so don’t expect as many events in all our posts.

Parrot at the Gardens
Lodi Garden
The Lotus temple with impressive architecture. Made us think of the Sydney Opera House.
Palak Paneer(Green) and Dum Aloo (Yellow)

Humayun’s Tomb

Caitlin standing in front of the tomb.
Inside the tomb. The walls were plain but the windows were beautiful.

Looking through one of the gates.
Caitlin and I in front of the Palace.
I can’t remember what the building in the background was, but it looked cool.
The minaret with a cool background of sun.
Caitlin’s expression captures how hot it was.
This is when I realized Caitlin was famous in India. And so began the barrage of photo requests.
Columns around the minaret.
This was Old Delhi in a nutshell goats and rickshaws.
You might wonder why I posted this picture. This was the only way to fit everyone who wanted a picture with me in the frame.
Jama Masjid.

Looking across the courtyard of the mosque.

Caitlin in the Mosque.

Looking out at the red fort.

The guy who watched my shoes while I was in the mosque.

The outside of The Red fort.

One of the pagodas inside the fort.

Inside one of the pavilions.

Caitlin’s feet at the end of the day.

Topside of her feet. Impressive that the creases stayed white.


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