After Banaue we headed to the beach to get a little traditional beach time. We headed to Boracay one of the more famous beaches in the Philippines. After a horrendous ordeal of delayed flights extra buses an hour waiting for a 10 minute ferry and inability to find our hotel at 2am for 3 hours and having to book another hotel room we made it to our hotel. We were however extremely impressed with the hospitality of the locals. Our mototaxi driver who was helping us at a ridiculous hour even offered up his house since we couldn’t find our hotel. While it took us about half a day to get over the transit snafu we began to enjoy the beach to its fullest by laying in the sun, reading books, drinking fruity drinks and eating. The rest of the trip was rather uneventful other than a canceled flight on the way back(Cebu pacific is a budget airline for a reason).
Caitlin in her sun hat. She has gotten very good at bargaining down prices.
Me with a Frutti di Mar pizza. The crust was made with Octopus ink.

Close up of the awesome pizza.

Our cabin. It reminded us a ton of Roatan.
Dinner at one of the beach restaurants. We chose a lobster and a snapper to be grilled up.
Obama is influencing cuisine in the Philippines.
Caitlin posing infront of a sand sign some kids made to make a few bucks.
Dragon boat practice getting started next to our beach layout area.
Green mango how I miss thee.
A bunch of sail boats.
There were  a few storms throughout the week.
Shrimp avocado salad.
Huge clam shell serving bowl.


2 thoughts on “Boracay

  1. Sounds like a rough start to a great holiday. You two fid the best places to chill. Love the salad bowl and the picture of your beautiful wife (my beautiful daughter).


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