Slab Containers in the making

One of my third quarter assignments is slab building! (It is currently the first week of 4th quarter…can you tell I’m a little behind? And I don’t mean with blogging…I took several of these pictures in class today).
Each student is creating a slab puzzle container based on a theme of their choosing. That means they are expected to build an enclosed box and then cut the top off to create a lid that fits like a puzzle. We are also focusing on additive and subtractive relief.
The students started by rolling out slabs, allowing them to get leatherhard, adding 3-D aspects, and carving textures. Then the kids started assembling everything…and that’s where things have gotten a bit hairy. Similar to our coil pot unit, the extreme perfectionist personalities of my students can sometimes lead to tragedy. Carving intricate details onto a flat slab is wonderful, but not if you let it get too dry before assembling all your walls, especially when you need to be able to cut through the walls to create a lid!
Some have had to restart or do some serious patching, but at least they are learning about the different stages of clay…and a lot about perseverance!

Sabina measures her slabs

Ashley’s trees will each be representing a different season.

Hyeri’s project

Hyeri’s piece after putting it together. She has since added details to the roof…

Erin’s project

Daniel’s igloo

Concentrating hard (or avoiding the camera)

YonTaek’s artwork


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