Street Snacks

Last Saturday, we headed out with some new friends to go for a hike in Seoul. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when Brian said that we would be taking the subway into the city to hike up a mountain. How was that possible!? But the hike was pretty, the views were breathtaking, and we had a chance to try some fun street food before heading off.
We started by taking the subway to the Sodaemun-gu neighborhood of Seoul which is a big university area. As we got off the subway and headed toward the mountain we were going to climb, we passed lots of street food vendors.
Yay for street food!

Alex with his Takoyaki, also known as Octopus Balls. These are technically a Japanese treat and Sara has been mentioning them on Skype so we knew we had to try them.


I wasn’t a huge fan, mostly because they were super hot and with a liquidy center this was only emphasized. Alex thought they were pretty good though.

Alex with his strawberry smoothie. I got a banana one. Delicious!

Gyeran Bbang
Korean egg bread

This was by far one of my favorite Korean foods so far!
After all of the snacking, we were definitely ready for the hike so we continued on through the neighborhood and stopped in front of the Ewha Women’s University to admire the beautiful campus.
The rest of the story will be split up over the next two posts because I may have accidently taken waaaay too many pictures.

5 thoughts on “Street Snacks

  1. I'm not sure I even want to know what an Octopus Ball is. But the egg bread looks yummy. You are developed quite a palate, my dear.


  2. I showed Matt the octopus ball part, and about Alex liking them…I won't publish his comment about that 😉 thought you'd get a kick out of imagining that one. Glad to see you are settling in!


  3. Octopus BALLLSSSS! So jealous of ALL the food you guys have posted on the blog – it looks amazing. Hope you guys are enjoying Vietnam right now.


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