Ramen Tour: First stop Fighting Calamari

Ramen for most of us brings memories of college. Days were either for lack of food or desire to save money in order to buy beer we ate Ramen. That being said Ramen in Korea is a whole another world. There are all types of Ramen with a whole lot of flavors that I am unfamiliar with. So I thought what better way to get to know Korea than to try all the flavors while we are here. So I will begin the tour with a Fighting Calamari. As you will see from the packaging I cannot read anything it says yet. So I get my nutritional information from the cartoon of a Calamari with boxing gloves. This Ramen turned out to be spicy, it packed a punch. It also had dried chunks of calamari in it. Something that I had not expected. All in all not bad. It reminded me a bit of when you add salsa Valentina to Ramen. Either way it served to fill me up.

The fighting Squid. They may want to talk to their cartoonist about making it a little less phallic looking.
Ramen doesn’t photograph nearly as well as Caitlin’s cooking.


2 thoughts on “Ramen Tour: First stop Fighting Calamari

  1. I'm 52 years old, I have a real job and I still eat ramen – keep it in my office desk drawer. It's a bit more bland than what you're describing of course, but it still tastes good.


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