Nom Nom Nom

Last weekend, we headed down to Itaewon, a fairly International neighborhood in Seoul. Itaewon is where the US Army base is located, as well as a load of embassies from all over the world. We wanted to check out some of the International food options so we headed to Buddha’s Belly for some Thai food.

I ordered Pad Thai with shrimp which was pretty good, but could have had a bit more kick to it.

Alex got the Red Curry which was fabulous and also pretty spicy.

While in Itaewon we also wandered through some shops, checked out some artwork and visited the Foreign Food Mart where I snatched up a few different types of vinegar, some vanilla, and a box of Cheez-Its!
It’s going to take us awhile, but we are slowly starting to figure out where to go for what in this massive metropolis.

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