Apartment Decorations

So far our apartment is pretty bare…as in there is absolutely nothing hanging on the walls except for the air conditioner. We hope to remedy this throughout the fall/winter as we start to travel more around Asia, but to start with we made our first Korean ceramics purchase!


2 thoughts on “Apartment Decorations

  1. Good question Tommy! I should have explained better. These are nearly one foot tall and they have dragons on them. On the top left of the one on the right, those red circles are the eyes of the dragon and a little to the left are some sharp white teeth. The dragon wraps all the way around the pot!
    The light green color is called celadon and is very traditional in pottery here. A lot of stuff is only that light green color, but I thought the dark green and red made these pots more interesting and I really liked the dragon design. 🙂


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