On our way out of the Hanok village, we walked by a cart where a guy was making Hoddeok, a pancake like treat filled with cinnamon, brown sugar and walnuts. Of course, I had to come home and Google that so at the time I just recognized the cinnamon as the vendor was spooning it into little dough balls and decided it looked delicious.
We asked for one and got to watch him make it right in front of us.

He basically created a pinch pot out of the dough (can you tell I’m teaching Ceramics this year?) and spooned a little of the cinnamon sugar mixture into it.

Then he rolled it out into a pancake/tortilla form.

And stuck it in this handy little oven presses that reminded me of sandwich makers in the States.

It was absolutely delicious! A little crunchy on the outside with a sweet filling on the inside. The layers separate just a little from heating and it almost feels like you’re eating a sweet empanada. Yum!

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