TidBits of the Day-School

A few random things about our school so far:
School starts at 8am and goes until 3pm with 4 block periods during the day. We have a rotating A/B schedule which totals out to 8 classes per student.
Teachers have to be at school from 7:30-3:30, but so far Alex and I have periodically been staying until 5.
It takes us approximately 5 minutes to walk to school in the morning. 🙂
Many of the high school kids take several AP classes at a time. I also have several students who obviously love art since my Ceramics class is one of three art classes they are taking this year.
We have an atrium on the second floor of our building (basically like a big enclosed courtyard with plants, seats, and a piano). During lunch each day there are kids who play the piano.
The cafeteria serves both a Korean menu and an International menu. Today’s International menu was sweet and sour pork and was quite delicious. The vast majority of students eat the International menu over the Korean one.
All of my middle school students have a mac laptop that they bring to class. It has proven to be awesome so far as we start portfolio websites.
There are approximately 1.2 million activities that students can participate in. The daily bulletin that I read to my first hour class is almost two pages long as I go through the list of meetings/applications/sign-ups for things like Model United Nations, National Art Honor Society, Photography Club, Lit Magazine, Student Council, Debate Club, Dance Club, Cinema Club, Community Service, Red Cross, Tutoring, Green Club, Habitat for Humanity, Global Issues Network and on and on….and that’s not even including sports!
Teachers have three classes per day and one prep. Lunch is long enough to actually get stuff done on days when we don’t have duty.
Ok, back to actually using this extra time at lunch for something productive….
Happy almost Friday!

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