My New Art Room

My new art room is pretty amazing as in giant and filled with all sorts of materials. I’m still in the process of organizing it and putting things away, but here’s a sneak-peek:
This is the half of my room that I plan to use for my middle school classes. I have one 6th grade class per quarter and two 7/8 classes per semester.

Another view of the middle school half of the room.

This is the half of my room that I plan to use for my ceramics classes. I will be teaching three year long ceramics classes that have between 11-16 kids in them.

Looking from the ceramics end of the room toward the middle school end. My desk is set up in the middle, but I’ve also added a demo table on each half of the room that I will probably always forget to use as I tend to squish in with the kids to show them things.

I also have a large storage closet with two aisles of shelving. There is loads of stuff in here and I’m pretty sure it’s going to take the entire first year here to figure out what all is in there.

One aisle of the storage closet.

My room has access to the roof! There are high walls so nobody can fall off, so maybe on nice days, I can let the kids work outside if they want…or let clay projects dry out there.

The kiln room is accessed from the roof. I have a large kiln, a small kiln and an enameling kiln along with several wheels for next year when I teach Ceramics II.

I still have a lot of organizing to do, but I have finally gotten all the boxes of new supplies unpacked and almost all of them put away. Now if I could just figure out what I’m teaching next week…. 😉

One thought on “My New Art Room

  1. Holy art room, Batman. You've got space, supplies, windows. And demo tables….really? Let your imagination soar, kiddo.


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