We have been in Seoul for under a week and I have already developed an addiction that could cause some problems. The night that we rolled into our apartment one of the principals mentioned that there were good dumplings sold on the corner and you could either eat them there or to go. The next day when we were trying to figure out what to eat for lunch we figured we would give them a shot. As mentioned in the previous blog I struggled to order the first time, but the small success I had at acquiring food has opened the flood gates. Well I went back again as you can see this might develop into an addiction. Either way this time they gave me a menu allowing me to see what all they had. I stuck to the same order but I am already planning on which other types of dumplings I am going to order. I did a little bit better this time but still not anywhere near passable ordering, I am still doing a lot of pointing, smiling, head bobbing and so forth. I must be quite the site to watch, maybe next time I’ll have Caitlin video tape my attempts at ordering. If this addiction is not held in check soon the first Korean I am going to master is how to order from the dumpling menu. At least I won’t starve.

Two different types of meat dumplings and a roll.


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