TidBit of the Day-Heated Floors


So we’re having a little trouble figuring out the heating/water system in our new apartment here in Korea. You see, we have heated floors. I have been super excited about this ever since accepting the job here and am thrilled at the prospect of running around barefoot in the winter with toasty feet. In the meantime though, we haven’t been able to figure out how to have the hot water turned on without also having the heat radiate from the floors. The heated floors are created by running the hot water underneath them, thus warming up the hardwood. There is supposedly some way to turn on only the instant hot water heater instead of both the hot water and the floors, but no matter how many buttons we push on the thermostat, for the life of us we can’t figure it out. Several administrators, as well as one of the school maintenance guys have come in to push the buttons as well, assuring us that the setting is now correct, but we always find ourselves several hours later sweating buckets and cranking the A/C. This afternoon we have an apartment orientation that will hopefully clear up the issue…we’ll keep you posted!

3 thoughts on “TidBit of the Day-Heated Floors

  1. we had heated floors in our house in Sweden, it was great. The cats will love it, and you're right you won't have cold feet. I really noticed the difference when we moved to our house here in Madison.


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