Catship Log, 07.05.2011

Tuesday, Day 10 of the landing on Earth, and our captivity


Olive, aka Cat-Astro-Phitt:

Still no signs of our humans, but we are getting this one trained better.

She’s even gone to the trouble of gift-wrapping the FURniture for us. We don’t want to hurt her feelings, but this makes it hard to put the FUR into FURniture and especially difficult to manicure our claws. She put ice cubes in our water, which are not very useful, but entertaining.

Frijole, aka Cat-Man-Do:

We have been working hard at unwrapping the FURniture. Sometimes it’s just more fun to mess it up and hide mice in it. Olive just goes undercover, but sometimes I beat her to a good hiding place. Last night there was a strange animal in the yard, which required my attention. It had four feet like a dog, but was as large as a human and actually ate all of the birdseed. Maybe it will be back tonight so I can study it some more.

I’ve trained the human to brush me several times a day, which saves me a lot of work and time so I can find important things to do.

ATC, aka Catstodian:

We’ve settled into a routine and the cats seem quite content. They are very clean and fastidious, and take time out from naps to entertain me. Sometimes their scuffles look serious, but they seem to enjoy them.

There was a lot of noise with the fireworks yesterday, but it bothered me more than it did them; in fact they only reacted once. I wanted to crawl under the bed at one point. That stuff couldn’t have been legal, and it wasn’t pretty, just loud, and most of it was directly across the street.

I think putting ice cubes in the water to entertain them was probably a mistake. Olive has discovered that there are ice cubes in my tea.


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