Catship Log, 06.030.2011

Thursday, Day five of the landing on Earth or what’s left of it.


Olive, in her new persona as Cat-Astro-Phitt.

Our humans kidnapped us and took us into outer space, but I was able to retaliate. They seem to have been acting strangely, and have now abandoned us. Think we are possibly back on earth, but in the wrong continent.

Am trying to tame the new human with mixed results. So far I have been able to make her rearrange furniture, pottery, one plant- all she had that I can reach so far- and many other things that needed my attention. She tries to entice us with strange food; so far I have refused the mushy stuff and something she said was actually dried anchovies, whatever they were supposed to be. She actually thought they were a treat. I eat the other dry offerings when she isn’t looking, and pretend to bury the rest in her presence, but there’s not enough dirt on the kitchen floor. There will be, soon.

Frijole has changed. He beat me to the high place in the main room of this prison, and acted as if he belonged there. I fixed him. I think he has ordered surveillance.

Frijole, in his new persona as Cat-Man-Do:

The ringing in my ears has finally stopped. I have been exploring this new world carefully. Female cat looks like Olive, but calls herself by a new name and is acting strangely. There is another such in the yard which looks like her, but only has two colors. That one is very brave. This one hides under things, and at other times she teases me and then retaliates. She tried to lure me to the top of the world, and then whacked me in the face. Have hired earthling to document torture. Note attached evidence.

Have had one visitor, lovely human with great cat savvy. Am finding more mice than on first several days, and the food is tolerable. I especially like the mouse-on-a-rope exerciser.

ATC, in her new role as Catstodian:

We are all adjusting to each other. I’m getting a lot of household tasks done, including cleaning the top of the bookcases and packing pottery for storage and Goodwill. The cats are sleeping a lot, but there energy level is back to normal and they’ve really made a terrific adjustment.

They spend the night in the living room on the alpaca blanket, arranged artfully in either the same position or mirror images on opposite ends of the sofa. They’re very affectionate, although Olive is a bit unpredictable and tends to nip. They seem to like the porch, but don’t stay out there without me. When I open the front door they both disappear completely.

Their activities alternate between catching up on their sleep and frantic activity. So far they are more interested in the birds than in other cats, but they are occasionally interested in TV. The cats have had a rough day keeping me entertained. Olive is asleep under the alpaca throw, and Frijole is nappingbehind the couch, where he’s been since I went out to get the mail. They have a nerve- I’m the one who moved, washed, and packed all the pottery and did 8 loads of laundry. I need a glass of wine. They’re not getting any.


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