Butterscotch Blondies aka Epic Fail

This week, I attempted to make butterscotch blondies with this recipe. I wanted to bring treats in to my Art meeting to thank everyone for all their hard work during Arts Week last week.
The blondies smelled delicious. I followed the recipe to a tee (except I added chocolate chips in addition to the butterscotch chips). They looked amazing when I pulled them out of the oven:
Then I flipped them over onto a rack to cool like the recipe said and they completely fell apart. There was gooey blondie batter all over the counter. I threw the shark oven mit across the kitchen. I yelled. I tried not to cry. I stomped around the living room shooting death glares at Alex. I huffed and puffed on the couch. And then I got back up, got a spoon and scooped all of that gooey batter into the muffin tin and cooked those suckers for another 45 minutes.
They were hideous and in no way appropriate to serve at my Art meeting like I was hoping, but they tasted pretty damn good.
Then I got out a box of brownie mix and made those for my meeting the next day.

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