A Bike ride through wine country

One of the reasons we went to Mendoza and Maipu was the wineries. We had heard from friends that it was easy enough to bike from winery to winery and taste test. Jenna had the brilliant idea to stay in Maipu the first couple of nights as it is located in the middle of the wineries and would be easier to start our trips from their. That being said you can bet that I made a bunch of jokes about being in Maipu. But since this is supposed to be a semi-elegant blog I thought I would show my new found maturity (I am 29 after all) and refrain from sharing those here. Other than wine biking through the vineyards and tasting there isn’t much more I can say about it as my taste buds are not distinguished enough to decipher all the minute differences between wines. So I will let the pictures tell the story.

The first winery we visited called Di Thomasi. This is one of the old fermenting tanks that they now use to store bottles in.

Caitlin posing out by the vines.

Me being my refined self, swirling the wine to allow for the tannins to oxygenate and bring the fully body of the wine out. Man do I reek of sophistication.

And we are off to another winery. Caitlin Biking.

Jenna Biking.

Jesse Biking. If you could hear Caitlin’s comments at this point they would go something like “Alex put the camera away, stop that, you are going to crash or get hit by a car. Alex”

While you might think my abilities of taking a picture from a bike are awesome, they are not. There were a lot of pictures like this that did not turnout so well.

All of us at the second winery.

Caitlin and I at Cecchin winery. An organic winery. Now for those of you paying attention we did change clothes this is the second day of wine tasting.

Caitlin in front of the bottles. This winery made a wine that had no sulfates in it, which was pretty good.

A picture of the mountains that we looked at all day as we biked around.

Caitlin and I at Trapiche tasting a few wines and champagne.

Grapes on the vine.

We didn’t only visit wineries though. We also went olive oil tasting. Here are a couple of olives on the tree still.

After our second day of biking we arranged for a parrillada at the bed and breakfast. It was delicious but as the trend with the trip I over ate. But there was no stopping me.

The time we spent in Maipu was wonderful and we had so much fun with great friends that it is hard not to wish that we were still back in Maipu, playing around and taking it all in. Haha I said playing in Maipu. What can I say I teach middle school.

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