Don’t Cry for Me–I’m Going to Argentina!

Spring break is late this year due to the fact that Easter is such a sneaky little holiday skipping all around the spring months. There was awhile back in March when I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it, but with only one more class to teach before vacation officially starts, I think it’s safe to proclaim that I won’t go completely insane before then.

We are hopping on a plane this evening and heading south to Argentina. This trip will mark our last new country before leaving South America and we’re pretty excited. We start off the trip with some time in Buenos Aires, exploring the city, visiting museums, watching people dance the tango, and hopefully making it to a soccer game. Then we head west to wine country where we’ll spend time relaxing in Mendoza, riding bikes to different wineries, visiting an olive oil factory and hopefully taking a cooking class.

The best part about this trip is that we are meeting up with Jesse and Jenna. We haven’t seen them since they were in Quito last year and they are moving to Colombia next year so we aren’t exactly going to be any closer. Traveling, eating steak, drinking wine and playing cards with great friends in Argentina should be the perfect way to recharge for the rest of the school year!


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