Girl’s Beach Weekend

Back in February, a group of 25 girls from school went to the coast for the weekend. We rented a bus and left after school on Friday. It’s about a six hour drive so after getting there in time for a late dinner, we took full advantage of a day and a half on the beach before needing to head back to Quito for work on Monday.

We ate lots of ceviche from these mini-restaurants on the sand.

Crab Ceviche

Shrimp Ceviche

We walked on the beach, had a cartwheel contest, shopped for jewelry, played in the waves and maybe even got a little sunburned.

We even got to enjoy an amazing sunset.

It was really fun to be a huge hoard of girls at the beach in Ecuador. It was a great chance to relax and enjoy some girl time in the middle of February.

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