Lots o’ Leftovers

The last 1.5 weeks have involved a lot of cooking and even more leftovers! I love leftovers!
Remember that baked potato soup I made?
These are the leftovers:

I have obviously read too many cooking blogs that focused on the Super Bowl. These little Mini Meatball Sandwiches looked too yummy to have to wait until the big game, so I made them last Thursday instead!

What do you do with leftover meatballs?
Put them on pasta…and add some alfredo sauce and parmesan cheese!

Thursday night I also marinated steak in chipotle peppers (brought back from Mexico), lime and garlic which led to tacos on Friday night.
With guacamole:
or without:
Breakfast burritos on Saturday morning.
Let’s face it, I’ll eat anything if you put it in a tortilla, but steak with eggs, refried beans, cheese, and guacamole is a pretty amazing way to start the day.
Lunch on Saturday seemed like the perfect time for nachos based on this recipe.

When Sunday finally rolled around, I just couldn’t stop!
So even though we decided to chill at home and watch the game just the two of us, we had this spread on the coffee table:
and Fried Chicken Strips with BBQ and Frank’s RedHot sauce:
As you may have guessed, we didn’t manage to eat all that food during the game so instead we’ve been snacking on it all week long. I’m feeling less inspired this weekend (and much further behind in all my grad school homework) so don’t expect quite the same level of whirlwind cooking for the next post. 😉

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