Unfortunately, this isn’t that uncommon…

I have a huge pile of symbolic maps to grade before my next meeting, but I’m a bit distracted at the moment by the conversation I just had here at school.

While asking an administrator who travels to the job fairs in the States about how she assesses candidates in such a short interview time period one of her responses was,
¨Well anybody who is in a teacher’s union is definitely not going to fit in here.¨
I was a bit confused so I questioned further and she elaborated…
¨Teacher’s unions think that they can do things like go to the school board and make changes. Anybody who has the idea that teachers can come in and make changes is definitely not going to fit in here.¨
She then added,
¨I would never hire anybody who loved their old school either. Then you end up with people who are always pointing out how well things were done at their last school. This isn’t their last school! They can’t expect to come in here and suggest things their last school did just because their last school was great.¨

I may be fairly shocked at this attitude, but it pretty much sums up the day to day life here. We try not to post about it, but as many of you know, we are very unhappy here. Here’s to hoping that our next school is more open-minded and interested in teacher opinions!


6 thoughts on “Unfortunately, this isn’t that uncommon…

  1. That is crazy. Yeah- it is terrible to have a teacher who enjoyed their job/ environment or have ideas that may benefit the school and students. Ugh. Here's hoping S. Korea is better.


  2. Ugh. THis pretty much sums up the iceberg you two are floating on right now. How progressive for the students and teachers who learn/work in this environment. Very frustrating.
    You gotta give her credit for being honest with you. Her comments are right out there so you know exactly where you stand, or exit as the case may be.
    Here's to South Korea even if it is 52 time zones away. I like the way they have treated you so far.


  3. God I can't believe an administrator would admit to that. How do any of the admin at your school still have jobs? Is the board (assuming there is one at your school) not aware of this sort of crap? I hope that your last few months there are better!


  4. I think this might actually be what the board prefers…then they can just do whatever they want. If they have admin. with the current mindset, they never have to worry about anyone trying to make changes.

    I don't really give her credit at all for being honest since it is 1.5 years in…woulda been nice to know that this was the thinking before we took the job!

    Of course hindsight is always 20/20, but I can think of a lot of questions I wish I had asked when we interviewed here….


  5. I had to read what you wrote 3 times, what an attitude! Seems “she” is on a backward thinking journey. I guess you just have to add it up to another thing that won't surprise you when you get our age. Hope you can bear with it.


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