My Ever Growing Obsession with Cooking

Don’t worry, we are still planning the rest of the Galapagos posts, not to mention Jungle posts from the beginning of December, but I thought I would fill you in on why I’ve been such a blog slacker lately….I’ve been really busy….reading other people’s blogs, cooking blogs to be specific.
It started with one or two and has now grown into a full blown obsession with reading about what other people cook, and then periodically cooking it myself.

It has also made me consider the pipe dream of having a food blog for a living, because basically my favorite things in life at this exact moment are cooking, eating, photography, and all things Internet related. I don’t think I actually have anything to write about on a food blog though, not to mention I’m not super interested in typing up recipes (all those abbreviations…how annoying!), but I do think I’m going to try to photograph the stuff I cook a little more frequently.

This past two weeks involved such dishes as rotisserie chicken casserole, egg salad, breakfast casserole, banana bread, gritty burgers (or at least an attempt to relive my college birthdays) and pulled pork (which I forget to photograph every single time I make it because we are all much too busy shoveling it into our faces).

What’s not to like with rotisserie chicken, mayo and potato chips!?
I got the recipe from Joy the Baker….my new favorite blog to read!

I made this egg salad in an attempt to save money. Packing our lunches should be more economical than buying nachos and candy bars in the cafeteria at school…unless you eat egg salad for every single meal on Monday and Tuesday because it is so delicious and then are too lazy to cook again until the next weekend.

Breakfast sausage does not exist in Ecuador, which was fairly traumatic for the last year…until I grew a brain and realized that I could google a recipe and make it myself! Now I make sausage more often than is probably healthy, but in my defense, I had no sausage for a year and therefore have plenty of time to make up.
I tried to make this breakfast casserole for New Year’s Day when the whole family was here, but for some reason I still haven’t figured out, my pyrex dish decided that would be a good day to explode in the oven. After scooping a few forkfuls off the top, we all decided not to start our day by eating broken glass and settled on scrambled eggs instead.
The idea of breakfast casserole kept taunting me though so I made it for just me and Alex after everyone left (in case you’re wondering, 2 is not an appropriate number of people for an entire breakfast casserole). Deliciousness in a not shattered pyrex with sausage, bacon, cheese, eggs, milk, and bread!

The only other thing I have a picture of is the half a banana bread that is still left (out of 4 loaves…don’t freak out, we gave 3 of them away). I still have several coveted packages of chocolate chips in the freezer. Chocolate chips are yet another thing that doesn’t exist here, but I have not considered being desperate enough to make them yet, instead I force visitors to bring them down. They are delicious with mashed up bananas, loads of sugar, and ziploc hammered walnuts.

Hopefully in the future, I will be better at remembering to take photos of things I cook. I feel like remembering the banana bread when it was only half eaten instead of totally gone is probably a good start…yum yum!

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