A Bump in the Blogging!

We haven’t been very consistent at posting on the blog this month!
It has been a bit hectic with trips, teaching, grad school, visitors and applying for jobs for next year.
We still have a few posts planned from our trip to Mexico at the very beginning of November. Since then we have both been sick and I have been working on lots and lots of homework. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to post about those exciting topics. But check back soon because in addition to our remaining Mexico posts, we plan to post about all the visitors we are hosting right now. Our friend Heather just left (she currently teaches in Bogota, but she was our co-worker in Honduras). Lauren and her brother, Ethan, get here tomorrow and next Thursday marks the start of our family Holiday adventures! On top of all of that, I also have a few funny kitten pictures to post!
So don’t think we are starting to give up on blogging. Without classes or visitors in January, I’m sure we’ll quickly bore you again with all our random tidbits!

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