Mas de Mexico: Xochimilco

You didn’t think that was all we did in Mexico did you. Caitlin had not been to Xochimilco, so we figured she might as well visit that as well. Xochimilco for those of you who don’t know is what remains of the Aztec floating farming. They created artificial islands with wood as the base, topped with earth and then planted on top. Now you can take canal boats through the canals and see the nurseries that are now located there. Each of the canal boats can fit about 20 people and has a large table in the middle that can be used to eat at. Now we did not bring a picnic, but no worries also in the canals are smaller boats with people cooking up food and mixing up drinks. So as was the theme of the weekend, we ate a little bit more. Once again thank you to our wonderful hosts. Fernando y Julieta y familia nos ensenaron el mejor fin de semana que pudimos haber tenido.
Choosing our boat. They used to cover them in flowers before it became too expensive.

On the Boat.

Looking down the canal.

Puts a whole new meaning to food delivery.

Everyone sitting waiting for the food.

Enchiladas de Mole.

To all our friends who I have introduced to Micheladas. This is what they are supposed to look like.


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