La Embajada

I’ve decided I want to live at the ambassador’s house! She lives near Hotel Quito, which is right on the edge of the city overlooking the valley with an amazing view from all 200 of her giant windows. She has a lawn big enough to have a soccer tournament on and there was allegedly a pool with a hot tub although I never wandered around enough to find it.
How do I know all this?
Because we spent our Saturday afternoon hanging out at the ambassador’s house.
The U.S. embassy here in Quito threw an end of summer BBQ with a soccer tournament and invited Colegio Americano to participate. We got together enough people for two teams plus a few subs, plus a cheering section and took the embassy by storm.
Alex and I both played on Americano 1, which won their first game and lost the second, while Americano 2 ended up in a shoot-out after their first game and lost 1-0.
We had quite the crowd of teachers in attendance so we ate good ole picnic food, drank some beers, gawked at all the white people and made a ruckus cheering louder than anyone else when one of our teams was playing.
All and all a pretty fun way to spend a Saturday!
Alex and I in our team gear.

Erin and Andy with the house in the background (or at least part of it since I didn’t opt to take a panoramic).

A large chunk of the Colegio Americano crew.


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