Kitten Story of the Week

Olive wants a baby!
…or at least that would be my un-expert opinion of her weird behavior lately.
Several times a day we hear her crying upstairs, and then she wanders down with a pair of socks in her mouth. This may be from the pile of clean clothes waiting to be put away or from the laundry basket that she has knocked over and dug through. She wails through her teeth while she carries the socks, deposits them in the living room and then joins us on the couch.
It’s really weird!
And it means I am constantly picking up random socks!
My assumption that she wants a baby is based on the fact that our next door neighbor has mewing kittens on her porch right now because one of the neighborhood strays just gave birth. Maybe Olive is hearing them and her maternal instinct is kicking in?
or maybe she needs to go to the kitty shrink…

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