Kitten Story of the Week

So I’m sitting in the bathtub yesterday with a candle lit on the edge of the sink when Frijol wanders in to join me. He hops up on the counter to sniff the lit candle, realizes it’s hot and turns around to walk away. In the process, he places his tail directly over the flame for several seconds while he decides whether to jump down or stay on the counter. About the time his tail starts flaming he sniffs the air as if he wonders what that funny smell could possibly be. At this point I am launching myself out of the bathtub to move him away from the flame and blow out both the candle and his tail. Somehow he never really noticed that his tail was on fire and was never very fazed except for when I took a wet washcloth to his tail to wipe all the soot and burnt hairs off. Rather than have a lovely candle smell for the rest of my bath, I got to enjoy the scent of burnt hair instead.
As far as Frijol’s tail goes…he has so much fur that it’s practically impossible to tell that it even burned at all.

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