Bolivian Salt Flats!

On day 3 we got to the actual salt flats themselves. We woke up suuuper early so that we could be there when the sun rose and proceeded to take all sorts of fun silhouette and shadow pictures.

We then drove on to visit an island on the salt flats. The Bolivian salt flats are the largest in the world, covering 12,000 square kilometers. They actually used to be an ocean way back in the day before that part of South America became landlocked. The current salt is there because of this and the rocks on the islands of the salt flats are dried up coral! Being on island with both coral and cacti is a pretty surreal experience.

After our visit to the island, we headed out to the middle of the salt flats for some fun perspective shots. The huge expanse and super flat landscape create the perfect backdrop for playing with depth perception.

We also got a chance to see where the salt is mined. It is first shoveled into this cones and then put on a truck to be processed and shipped.

That’s a lot of salt!

2 thoughts on “Bolivian Salt Flats!

  1. Very cool! Grandpa Hans had to explain to me how it was done.Would love to have a print of one of those.
    What's with the hat?


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