The beginning of the Salt flat tour (Day 1)

After crossing the very tight border into Bolivia we began our tour. Now I know many of you worry that we don’t travel in style. But not to worry we definitely did this tour with class. As our Lexus SUV toured us through the salt flats I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Grey Pupoun add. Unfortunately there was no traffic light or Rolls Royce. The reality is that apparently only Toyota Land Cruisers and Lexus Land Cruisers both identical are the only types of trucks that with stand the wear and tear of the terrain. Now that I have gotten that plug out of the way onto the trip. The first day of the trip consisted of driving through wind swept terrain that had little to no vegetation. There were however multiple lakes of different colors because of the high mineral content of each lake. After passing by the lakes and getting out to take pictures we came to a desert landscape call the dessert of Dali because of the weird rock formations in the middle of sand. Following the Dali dessert we got a chance to warm up in some hot springs. Unfortunately changing out of swimsuits quickly eliminated any heat we had gained. Luckily Caitlin and Amanda were taking advantage of their Alpaca purchases. After leaving the hot springs we continued our surreal safari to 4800mts above sea level to see gurgling sulfuric pools. The day came to an end at a reddish pink lake where we were lucky enough to see flamingos since they typically have migrated out of the Salt flats during this time of the year. The reason this lagoon has flamingos and is reddish pink is because of the micro organisms/algae. These little guys are what the flamingos eat and is what causes them to turn their pinkish color. I will post only one one picture of the flamingos because Caitlin went nuts taking pictures of them, thus a blogpost of their own is coming to show off the 500 plus pictures she took.

Caitlin and I in front of the white lake. Its high Borax content causes the whitish look.

In front of the green Lake and our trusty stead. Next to me are the British couple that was with us.

Amanda and I melting into the Dali Desert. Unfortunately it is hard to tell from the picture how weird looking the rocks were.

Amanda and I in the hot springs. Caitlin insisted on taking the picture with the Vicuña in the background instead of jumping in right away.

All three of us in the hot springs with hats.

Gurgling geysers.

Laguna Colorada with Llamas in front.


Disclaimer: There are few pictures of Caitlin in this post because she was the one taking the pictures. She will appear more in the video as I was filming.

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