Almost Home

Tomorrow marks the last day of our trip. Currently in Huaraz, we hop on a bus tonight to go back to Lima, spend the day tomorrow drinking Starbucks (cause there aren’t any in Ecuador) and wandering around the grocery store buying things we can’t find at MegaMaxi. Our flight to Quito leaves tomorrow night at 7:55 and we should be home around 11pm.

It’s very exciting to think of seeing Frijol and Olive, sleeping in our own bed, and having some home-cooked meals…in fact we have already starting planning a grocery list for the day we get back.

We have had an amazing 6 weeks and look forward to sharing it with you in picture format once we are home. In fact it would be an excellent thing to do right now as we bum away a few hours in an Internet cafe except that I didn’t think ahead and have no idea where we packed the USB cord for the camera. Instead, look for much more frequent updates starting Friday!


2 thoughts on “Almost Home

  1. Getting excited to see all your adventures, and perplexed on how you plan to sort/organize through what must be thousands of images and video time.


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