Valle de la Luna

While traveling we have become more than a little back logged. As this is the case I thought I would try to begin climbing out of the massive amount of photos and stories we have to tell. We started our trip about 4 weeks ago in Northern Chile. Our first stop was in San Pedro de Atacama a small town in the driest desert in the world. We arrived and found a suitable place to set up camp with toilets that we could use. The one thing we had not planned on when arriving in Chile was how cold it was going to be. We knew it was winter but it was crazy cold. So we spent the first few hours eating, oogling the North Face store that was crazy overpriced and then hitting up the markets for Alpaca clothing as if it was going out of style. After we had done this and had a little bit of rest we hit the Valle de la Luna for sunset. The Valle de la Luna is named because it looks like a moon landscape. The tour took us across dunes and out on desert landscapes. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Looking out onto the landscape.

Standing where I shouldn’t be.

Caitlin and I ontop of a dune

Walking through a Canyon made of Salt formations.

More wierd landscape.

A view of Sunset.

5 thoughts on “Valle de la Luna

  1. Hi Alex and Caitlin,

    One of the best things about your blog is that I can click on the pictures and make them big. This set was great for that – very nice. But, Alex, what is that around your neck? is it a buff? If it is, you can't make fun of mine.




  2. Great scenery!! You are fortunate to experience all of the different countries we've only heard about and maybe not even that.By the way what is a BUFF?


  3. hi again,

    The Washington post has an item now on this summer's sunsets – users can submit photos. Anyway, I submitted yours from the Valle de la Luna. I'll let you know if they include it in their slideshow (hope you don't mind!)



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