Extremely Ill on the Inca Trail

Don’t believe anything some crazy person who has never hiked the Inca trail before tells you….it’s not easy. It is doable and it is beautiful and it is amazing, etc, but it is not easy.
It is especially not easy if you happen to fall ill.
I think I can honestly say that one of the most physically trying things I have ever done in my life was to spend 10 hours hiking 15km up and down Incan stairs at 4,000m altitude with some sort of stomach bug/food poisoning/jardia…(who knows what it was, but it was awful), followed by a 5km trail run in the dark the next morning after being able to stomach only a few sips of water in the previous 36 hours.
We have fabulous pictures and Alex will tell you some great stories. We also have some interesting video footage of sicky me, sicky mom, sicky David, sicky Amanda, and our sicky new friends from New Zealand.
Check back for more details!

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