Second part of the Honeymoon

I know there has been a long delay for the second video, but it took a while to edit with all the other things we had going on. So here is part two and hopefully I can get part three done when we get back. The video is on my YouTube page or watch it below.

2 thoughts on “Second part of the Honeymoon

  1. 2 things: The 33 cL is centiliters which is 330 mL which is the same size as the US cans of Coke. Both of you should be able to use the metric conversion ladder as children of science folks. Secondly, what does part III coming soon mean? June 2011? Come on Lopez step it up and make the videos!


  2. Thanks Jesse. I'll try to get on the video making and I promise to have it done before your nuptuals. So if they are coming up soon I promise to hurry it up and not steal any of your thunder.


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