A few weekends ago Caitlin and I decided to get out of town for a night and visit somewhere we had been meaning to go for some time now. We went to Mindo, a small town outside of Quito at lower altitude creating a cloud forest. We had heard great things about the town and how it was a nice place to relax. One of our coworkers owns a small hotel called the Dragonfly inn which we stayed at. We were not disappointed by both the hotel and the town. As we had decided to relax the weekend away we read books and lounged in the hammocks. We visited a juice bar Caitlin had heard about which has fun swing seats and on Sunday we were able to pull ourselves out of bed to visit the butterfly garden that is just outside of town. The butterfly garden has a large array of butterflies that will land on you if you dip a finger into the sugary papaya juice that they have sitting out. We figure Mindo will be a good place to take friends and family to visit who come to Ecuador.
View from our Hotel room.

Caitlin posing at the juice bar.

Caitlin with her Butterfly Broche.

A huge Butterfly smile. As you can see I didn’t have enough energy to comb my hair.

Some of the cocoons prior to hatching.

The Butterflies would land on your fingers after you dipped them into the fruit plates.
Butterfly sitting on a plant.
A cool looking flower in the Butterfly garden.

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