Laguna Quilotoa

Alex hiked Quilotoa back in the fall so some of these pictures may look familiar. I wasn’t along that time though so I get to post again just to prove what I accomplished.
Quilotoa is an inactive volcanic crater with a lake in the inside. We hiked around the rim of the crater…a total of 7.5 miles…and got to enjoy not only the views of the lake, but also of the surrounding countryside. At times it was brutal and I thought my legs would fall off…apparently being cramped in the back of a jeep with your knees up to your chest is not the most ideal way to prep one’s legs the day before a 5 hour hike. But it was also breathtakingly beautiful the entire time. Not a bad way to train for the Inca trail this summer!


This flower is called zapatillas….or little boots

I don’t know the name of this one, but it’s pretty too!

Admiring the crater

A view looking out over the valley

Walking the ridge

Alex has been making an effort to take more pictures of me, because I want to make sure I have proof of being on all these hikes….but I could do without the proof of how hard they are!

Back where we started!


One thought on “Laguna Quilotoa

  1. Beautiful pictures! (Although I would rather not see photos of you standing so close to the edge… makes me nervous.)

    Thanks for the flower photos. If I were a real botanist I would know what those are called.



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