On our way home from Colombia, we had a 7 hour layover in Bogota. Rather than wander through the same five duty free shops over and over and over, we decided to cab it into the city for a bit of sightseeing before our connecting flight.
We headed straight for an area of Bogota called La Candelaria which is the older colonial part of the city. We wandered around to enjoy the old buildings, checked out the Museo de Oro and ate…several times! It was an excellent layover and although we still missed a lot of the fun touristy things in Bogota, we still managed to see a fair chunk of the city in the little time we had.

A church in the main plaza.
The plaza itself was packed with families, performers, and women selling seeds to feed the birds with.

We stopped for a tamale and a jugo although we never did figure out what this jugo is made of! It sounded like frijole when the waiter said it, but tasted like some type of fruit…any guesses?

The Museo de Oro has the largest collection of pre-colombian gold artifacts in the world. It was amazing to see all the intricate work on display.

I love window shopping for food…
This merengue was so big that I didn’t know what it was at first!

A pretty church that we wandered by during our search for dinner.

We weren’t exactly starving after our tamale snack, but we also weren’t looking forward to airport food so we crammed dinner in before heading back to the airport.
Alex ordered tail.

And this beverage that required a spoon.

The restaurant served typical food and had a terrace on the roof that provided the most amazing views of La Candelaria, much better than the McDonald’s we almost ate at when we were starving a few hours before.


3 thoughts on “Bogota

  1. i was looking back at your bogota blog now that i've been living here for a bit, and the juice you had from a fruit called feijoa which tastes kind of like kiwi. delicious! also your other drink looks like ajiaco, but i am not sure 🙂


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