Honeymoon in Belgium

Did you think we were never going to post more than food pictures from our honeymoon in Europe last summer?
Yea, me too…
Moving to Quito and getting settled did not leave much free-time for organizing all our photos and the ridiculous amount of video footage we took with our new camcorder.
Luckily Alex is getting a bit addicted to video editing!
He is breaking the trip up into parts so they will be YouTube compatible and part 1 is ready for your viewing pleasure…

3 thoughts on “Honeymoon in Belgium

  1. I love your videos, especially teh way to move to a new “picture” and it becomes active. Very clever. Now I want to go to Brussels. Today. Before lunch.


  2. I did very much enjoy Caitlin's span-fran. This just confirms that next time, I get to come too!!! 🙂 J'adore les frites! Et les gaufres, et les chocolats, et les bieres! Tout le nourriture de Belgique!


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