We have some pretty spectacular friends here in Ecuador. Many of them are even willing to catsit for us and often leave us funny journals of what we missed while we were gone. They even stay friends with us after we return. This is especially impressive considering some oddities in the behavior of our cats….

Day One:
Visited with cats for 10 minutes. White one playfully laid on her back enticing me to pet her. Did not fall for trick as is known biter. Promised to return for quality time in the morning, and departed. (Also spoke with cats regarding your trip, reminding them it was necessary to “get out” once in a while, and that you loved them both very much.

Day Two:
Visited with cats for one hour 8-9 a.m. Was attacked with affection. Realized in my heart that white cat was really a lover, not a biter.

Day Three:
Visited with cats for 45 minutes. 8:45-9:30 a.m. approx. Affection abounded. Was kissed (with tongue) by both and felt strangely appreciative. Grey cat always poops when I am cleaning the litter box. Am planning revenge.

Day Four:
While roaming around discovered another litter box (this was after I had already cleaned the one and put the poopies on the back deck and somehow figured out how to lock it all back up). I returned upstairs to the curiosity of white and grey cat, finished the job, and breathed a sigh of relief. Now cats have two potties instead of one. Happiness abounded.

Day Five, the final frontier:
Cats were extremely loving today. Grey cat angry that I was reading Ecuador guide. Bit it.

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