A Rainbow of Boobies

Did you know our new camera has a setting for bird watching? Me neither, until last weekend!
We have lots to tell you from our trip to the beach, but I thought I would start with the birds. One of the draws to the Galapagos is the plethora of weird animals that live there. Turns out some of them actually also reside on an island close to the coast that is reachable on a day trip. We didn’t see seals or marine iguanas, but we did see lots of boobies! I’ve never been much of a birder, but then again most of the birds in the States have normal looking feet…and aren’t named after body parts.
Check out the rainbow of boobies below….
Red-footed booby.
These guys are hard to photograph because unlike blue-footed boobies they nest in trees.

Not decapitated, just preening.

Nazca booby.
These guys have boring feet, but nest pretty much on the trail which meant we got to see them up close! They are also sometimes called Peruvian boobies.

Seems random to just lay your eggs on the ground, but you can’t beat the view from this nest.

Blue-footed boobies!
Most of these bad boys were hanging out at the water’s edge at the bottom of a cliff, but we managed to come across a few with little fluffy looking babies. Interesting fact: their feet aren’t blue when they are born.

For rainbow purposes, you should know that there are also boobies with green feet although they don’t live in this area of the world. We saw this one on a tiny island in Belize when we first moved to Honduras.
Don’t be deceived, it wasn’t just an island full of boobies. We also saw a lots of friggate birds. They tended to hang out in large groups in the trees.


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