Funny Kid Quote

10th grade boy: “Do you know the singer Mellancamp?”
Me: “Yes”
10th grade boy: “I know his kids.”
Me: “Huh?! How?”
10th grade boy: “They go to the summer camp I go to in Indiana.”
sometimes the randomness amazes me
By the way, Culver, a summer camp in Indiana is huuuge with upper class students in Latin America. We had a lot of students from Honduras who went there and now a lot of our Ecuadorian students go there too. It always cracks me up a little that my students from abroad go to a summer camp just a few hours from where I used to live.
Culver also makes me think of a funny kid quote from last year:
Me: “Where’s Culver?”
8th grader: “Chicago”
Me: “Well not really in Chicago right?”
8th grader: “No, it’s outside of Chicago, like on the border with Canada.”

One thought on “Funny Kid Quote

  1. That is funny! I also love the geographic knowledge…although I probably know about that much about the geography of Ecuador, so…


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