Kitten Story of the Week

Whew, Frijole is a handful!
Just a few things that have happened recently….
Last week he fell off the second story loft area into the living room. Alex saw a ball of flying fur out of the corner of his eye and then, thud! Luckily there were no broken bones.
This week, the little stinker went for a walk in the park. Apparently the front door was accidently not latched when we left for school and he managed to get it open and head down the street to the park. Jesse and Jenna were here at that point and when he wasn’t meowing hysterically for food when they woke up they knew something was wrong. Jesse found him near the entrance to the park, sitting under a tree, totally freaking out. Somehow he managed not to learn his lesson and immediately tried to get out again when we got home from school.
Last night we had friends over for dinner. Amanda cooked massive amounts of lasagna in our oven (she makes fabulous lasagna, but doesn’t have an oven at her apartment). Since only three of the four lasagnas fit in our oven (I said massive amounts), we left the fourth one on the counter and low and behold, found Frijole licking a large hole in the cheese moments after leaving the kitchen. Good thing we have understanding friends who don’t care too much about a little bit of cat spit.

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