Easter Island

The only post we haven’t put up from Chile yet is the one about Easter Island and I swear it’s coming soon! It is taking a bit longer since it will be a video and not a regular post and Alex is working on it using his brand new school computer that is much faster than my laptop. We are hoping to get it finished next week so check back then!

2 thoughts on “Easter Island

  1. I really enjoy everything you put on the blog. It is like traveling to all kinds of exciting places without leaving home.


  2. Happy New Year , 2010, and Happy Birthday, Caitlin!! We are currently on the phone with your parents to figure out how to get a message to you. Sorry the birthday greeting is just a little late!

    You two are having incredible experiences and we are very envious. At least we can travel vicariously due to your great blog. Keep it up.

    Love and hugs from Jim & Alice


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