The Gift of Art

One of the fabulous wedding gifts we got last summer was the gift of Art. My mom’s college roommates, the “Louises”, joined together to give us money toward art to decorate our new place here in Quito. We have been patiently keeping our eyes peeled since August and finally found two paintings that we absolutely loved in Chile over winter break. Alex and I have very differing tastes in Art so buying two paintings worked out perfectly, one for me and one for him! His painting is in our dining room area while mine is above the fireplace. They both look excellent and really make the place feel more like home.


4 thoughts on “The Gift of Art

  1. Caitlin, I love both of them. You're right they look excellent and although different, the bright colors compliment each other. So glad you were able to find something that makes it feel more like home. Can't wait to see your Mom next month!
    Love, Kathy Louise


  2. Hi Quito couple!
    Your home looks so inviting and personal art touches go a long way to creating an abode that's all your own. Thank you for sharing this with us/everyone. Happy New Year to you both. I look forward to living vicariously through your adventures on your blog!:)
    LyN Louise


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