Una Mapa

In case you need a visual to help you follow along with the next several posts, here’s a map of where we spent the last two weeks.
We flew into Santiago after the most absurd flight that left Friday evening and arrived Saturday afternoon, but saved us the $131 entrance fee into the airport in Santiago by bouncing us through two other Chilean airports on the way.
After a quick day in Santiago we headed back to the airport to fly to Easter Island where we spent several days looking at giant heads and getting sunburned.
Then it was back to the mainland and up to Valparaiso for Christmas with a quick jaunt to Viña del Mar for some beach time.
Next we jumped in an overnight bus and headed down to the Lake District and the town of Puerto Varas. After several days of straight rain, we were ready to head back to somewhere warmer and took another overnight bus back to Santiago.
Keep checking this week as we post pictures and videos of all these different places!


One thought on “Una Mapa

  1. Hi Alex and Caitlin,

    Glad to hear that you have returned safely. Thanks for posting pictures – it is always so fun to see where you've been and what you've done (bloody guides excepted).




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