Kitten Story of the Week

No pictures this week, but I thought you might enjoy these tidbits….

Olive is a bit obsessed with the bathtub. She actually gets in it while I’m showering! She will sit between the curtain and the edge of the tub and watch the water. This was a problem last week since she decided wandering through the litter box was a good idea after jumping out of the tub. We have clumping litter….you can imagine what her paws looked like. To her utter enjoyment, I washed her feet in the sink and set her back down, and then she jumped right back in the box! At that point, with the risk of missing the school bus, I gave up and accepted the fact that we were going to have litter covered floors all day.

Frijole’s new favorite place to sleep is on Alex’s face. He curls up on his neck and puts his face right next to Alex’s mouth. I don’t know how Alex can stand this since when he tries it with me his whiskers tickle and keep me awake. Good thing he doesn’t weigh a lot yet, or this new sleeping arrangement could be a bit detrimental to Alex’s breathing.


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