Hiking Rucu Pichincha

A couple days ago Eric a fellow teacher asked me if I would be interested in climbing Cotopaxi. Now some of you know that this been one of the things that has peaked my interest since moving to Ecuador. I jumped at the opportunity after which we outlined a plan of attack to climb Cotopaxi. So we have begun our training. Our first peak was Rucu Pichincha which is close to Quito and has a summit of 4700 meters. We left Saturday morning and were lucky enough to have a beautiful day. So below are the pictures from the hike.

Horses with Cayambe in the background.

Eric leading the way.

Rucu Pichincha, what we summitted.

Cotopaxi with a billowy cloud over it.

Zoomed in and found our house from the top. Our house is in the middle of the small park on the left hand side.

Eric and I at the top enjoying the nice weather.

Not quite Rio behind me and I’m not quite Christ the Redeemer.

Diana at the Top with Antisana behind her.

Me at the top with Antisana behind me.

Volcan Cayambe

Volcan Cotopaxi, what we plan on climbing in December.

Eric with Antisana behind him.

Icicles on the way up.

Weird pillow plant that seems like it should be in Willy Wonka’s factory.


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