Guinea Pig Lunch!

I know that all of you having been waiting patiently for a post from us since we have been gone. So as not to disappoint, I’m going to give you a post that will tantalize your taste buds. Guinea Pig! Now whether or not you know it, I’ve been aching to try this small morsel that some of you may call a pet. Little did you know that I was eyeing up Buster when you weren’t looking. The opportunity to finally go through with the plan came this weekend while we were visiting Cuenca. At the hotel we stayed at had a table of cards and brochures and one of them happened to be for Guinea Pig, which the owner of the hotel highly recommended saying it was the best in Cuenca. You may not know this but for a Guinea Pig roaster to have a card alone says he’s made it but the recommendation by the owner of the hotel as well was too much to pass up. So on the second day in Cuenca we made it a point eat Guinea Pig for lunch. We walked into the restaurant and ordered up Guinea Pig. The waiter informed us that it would be an hour wait as they only begin roasting when the guinea pig has been ordered, he said we could walk around or we could go out back and see our pig being roasted. This was too good to be true, as I walked back thinking about which pig I would choose and wondering if they had a free range guinea pig cage in back for me to choose from. I was trying to determine a system of picking when I rounded the corner and was disappointed to see that they already had my pig on the spit. Probably for the best but let me tell you, nothing wets the appetite like watching your individual pig going round and round. If you don’t believe me check out the short video clip at the end. Below are pictures of the feast. It may surprise you that Caitlin was not too found of the guinea pig and left much of the pig to me. I did my best but was only able to eat about 3/4 of the pig. You may wonder now what it tastes like, there is nothing exactly like it but the best comparison we could come up with was greasy turkey. So when you come to visit you can try it out yourself.

Our pig on the spit. (I named him Crunchy)

Caitlin with the whole meal. It was served with potatoes cooked in Achiote with eggs and Homile Corn.

Close up of the meat. They so kindly cut it up into quarters for easier eating. Almost bite size.

Me digging in, this was the first quarter.

Close up of Crunchy.

Me and Crunchy. I know, I know bad manners but who could resist.

The cooking of the pigs.


6 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Lunch!

  1. “I shalle name him Crunchy and he shall be mine!” (said in the tone from Finding Nemo)

    They look like the weasels Shrek roasts in the movie …eeeeeee!


  2. I think the picture of you with your tongue out should be your profile picture for Facebook. You're way more of a man than I ever want to be Alex.


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